I recently heard from a student who programmed a neat little application to help himself study vocabulary, and then decided to share it with everybody else for free. My kinda guy.

I signed up to try it out, and after receiving a few words a day in my email over the last few mornings, I figured this might be something y’all might like to check out, too. So I’m giving him a little signal boost.

SAT Hot Words has a nice, clean presentation—no frills. It’s just words, parts of speech, and definitions. You get 5 in your email every morning. That’s it.

Note that I don’t think this is all you should do to learn vocabulary, especially if your test is coming up soon. I just think it’s a nice daily reminder to pay attention to the words around you, and to make at least a little progress every day. Enjoy!

Read a bit more, and sign up, at SATHotWords.com.

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