Weekend Challenge – Pictograph edition

Something you don’t often see in SAT prep materials is a pictograph, but when you actually look at a real SAT, pictographs are all over the place! It’s not a conspiracy by a cabal of prep writers and SAT writers; pictograph questions are usually just really easy, and so prep writers don’t pay them much (more…)

Weekend Challenge – R.A. Dickey edition

I found this awesome graphic at Amazin’ Avenue, and it inspired me to write a baseball-themed challenge question this week. I’m a huge Mets fan, and my favorite player on the team right now is R.A. Dickey. He faces the hated Phillies tonight. I am so pumped to watch. The prize this week: A free (imaginary) R.A. Dickey (more…)

Weekend challenge for 4/15

Rage guy cookie from knowyourmeme.com. Same prize as last weekend for whoever gets this first (either on the blog, or on Facebook; you’re competing against each other here). Any $5 album from Amazon.com. Ready? A small town has 3 theaters in it. Last Saturday night, the average age in the first theater was 29, and (more…)

Weekend challenge question

Pretty easy question here, so I’ll attach a prize of fairly small value, but that might still be fun: the first person to comment with the answer gets to name a character in a future word problem on this site, and what they do/sell/wear/eat. For example: “Rita is the diaper changer at a daycare center (more…)

The Average Table

source The SAT loves to ask a particular kind of question about averages that can pretty confusing without a nice, easy way to organize your information. Enter The Average Table. KNEEL WHEN IT ENTERS THE ROOM, KNAVE! Seriously, this thing kicks ass. To build it, just remember what you have known for a long time (more…)