Want an 800 in writing?

I’m compelled, as I was when I wrote a similar post about the math section, to begin by saying this: If you’re striving for an 800 as a means to an end (admission to the school of your choice, etc.) you should know that close is probably good enough. An 800 is unlikely to open (more…)

SAT prep roadmap for self-studiers

As I see it, SAT prep has two main objectives: Discover the most efficacious ways to solve common problem types. Become proficient at recognizing opportunities to use those techniques in the wild. It’s important that you devote equal time and effort to both. In other words, if you only take practice tests repeatedly, or if (more…)

Want an 800 in Math?

Before we really get into this, let’s get one thing straight: It’s incredibly unlikely than an 800 will open any doors for you that a 770 or so won’t. In fact, it’s usually not a good idea to think of SAT scores opening doors at all. It’s better to think of high scores preventing admissions (more…)