About those points you’ve been earning on quizzes…

You can redeem them if you wish, either for a PWN the SAT sticker or for DonorsChoose.org gift cards. As you may or may not know, I donate 10% of the royalties I receive from book sales to educational charities. I spread it around to a few different charities, but most of that money goes to (more…)

Digital deals and stickers

A few updates you might be interested in. First, if you like discounted digital SAT prep books, then you’re in luck! For the next week—11/17 through 11/24—there will be crazy promotional prices on the digital versions of the Math Guide and Essay Guide. (Why? No particular reason—it’s just something I figured out how to do, so (more…)

Good luck on the May SAT! (And some other stuff)

First of all, I just want to wish those of you who are taking the May SAT tomorrow the very best of luck. Here’s hoping you PWN it into oblivion. If you’re looking for a few day-before-the-test things to read, here are some links: 7 things to do today if you’re taking the SAT tomorrow (more…)

A quick note on site membership levels

I’ve been getting a lot of questions in my email about the different membership levels available when you sign up as a member of this site, so I figured a short post might help clear some things up. Changing levels If you already own one or both of my books, or if you buy them, (more…)

Help me choose classrooms on DonorsChoose.org

One of the things that makes me puff up with pride when I think about everything PWN the SAT has become is that I’m able to donate 10% of the royalties I receive from book salesto charity. My favorite charity, where I send most of that money, is DonorsChoose.org. If you aren’t familiar, DonorsChoose.org is a (more…)

Thoughts about the night before the SAT

Leah has been a loyal reader of PWNtheSAT.com for some time, and sent me this post the day after she took the November SAT. I like it! I think it touches on something many of you can relate to: the anxiety on the night before the SAT that you should be doing something even though (more…)

Do SOMETHING every day

I don’t know you, but I kinda know you. I know that, generally speaking, you’re a motivated kid. That’s why you’re sitting here reading a blog about the SAT. You know what you want and you’re trying to figure out how to get it. And you know that between you and your goal, there’s this (more…)

Do some good, get some PWN (part 2)

Back when Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast, I offered to give people who donated to the Red Cross a free copy of my Math Guide. The offer generated a few bucks for charity, and I got to give away some books to people with generous hearts. I was pretty happy with how it worked. (more…)

5 bad SAT prep ideas

The January SAT marks the beginning of the year’s most frenzied test prep season. Seriously, between now and May, it gets real. Because so many will be ramping up their efforts in the coming weeks, I thought it’d be useful to put together a few thoughts on what not to do. Bad Idea #1: Rapid-fire (more…)

How to take a practice test

Practice tests are a necessary element of any SAT prep plan. The test itself is a harrowing and protracted experience, and if you haven’t put yourself through rigorous simulations a few times before you sit down for the real thing, you’ll be at a real disadvantage. (Click here for links to free official practice tests.) (more…)

One school to PWN them all

The second edition of the Math Guide is now, at long last, available. To commemorate its release, I’ve got a pretty cool idea for a contest: We’re going to have a race to see whose high school PWNs the hardest. Here’s the deal The first high school that’s able to rally 25 students to fill (more…)

Holiday PWNstravaganza

First of all, I know a bunch of people got their December SAT scores back this morning. If you’re one of them, here’s to hoping they’ve made you jolly! For the next 10 days, I’m going to give away one Math Guide a day by random drawing. To enter, just fill out the form below (or (more…)

Do some good, get some PWN.

My apartment is thankfully unscathed, but my city took a beating yesterday, and the town I grew up in is 100% without power. I hope, if you live in Sandy’s path, that you and your family are doing well. But of course, not everyone is, and some people have lost a whole lot. I will (more…)